I have a secret! I'm obsessed with candles! I find it so comforting to have guests compliment me on how good my home smells not to mention its super sexy! Whenever I go to Target, which is quite often I find myself roaming around the candle aisle and I somehow always seem to leave with about five or six and in a week I'm back to buying more. It's sick... Seriously, I don't even want to see the receipts... I called my sissy pooh today and told her that I have decided to make candles... of course she laughed and said I was bored.. LAUGH IT UP! But I'm so serious! Tomorrow I am heading to Michael's with my coupons for my supplies... and I'm going to get BUSY with my candle making!!!

And to help me with the process...


Sorry I tried to embed the video but for some reason it's not letting me!


Tamstyles said...

no popping candle wax like that popping grease on that last video please...LAWD!

Montanna Mitchem said...

This is a good idea and something i have thought about doing.. Let us know how it turned out.

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