Glossy Baby

 You wanna know why my list of To Do's and Projects just keep growing and growing and growing? Because whenever I go into the Good Will or a tiny Thrift Shop with a plan I always end up walking out with something else.. So focusing on one room at a time is nearly impossible for me! LOL The good news is that the living room is ALMOST done! I bought this adorable side table for 5 bucks from the Good Will last week to go in between the two accent chair in the living room! (just another excuse to stack books and other nick nacks somewhere) and ran to the home depot for more primer, paint and wipe on poly!!! I even bought a crystal knob that's screw is too short for but we'll work it out! and TA DAH! Patting myself on the back... waiting for this baby to dry so that I can doll her up and take pics of that side of the room since its all decked out!


Mrs. Chic said...

great job! It's so shiney, I like the pull alot

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