I've been stingy with the pics of our almost completed Living Room! The pics are a little grainy because they were taken with my phone whenever my camera decides to show face I'll take better ones! Our living room is very Excentric! and I absolutely love it! It's grown on Mr. Jones too, which makes me very, very happy. He's not used to this chair not matching this rug and this lamp and what not, and neither was I... So I went with our care free personalities and dome inspiration from a few pics! and this is what I came up with! AND I LOVE IT!!!! A little bit of this and a little bit of that.. The thrift stores are freaking gold mines I tell you!!! So without further a do I present our ALMOST completed Living Room... Emphasis on the ALMOST.. Still have a ways ta go...
1. Finish up the art wall
2. Buy sofa... The futons temporary and it's served its purpose so now its gotta go!
3. Buy Rug/ DIY Chevron rug... Haven't decided yet
4. Pick up accent chairs from in laws and have reupholstered
5. Put together 3rd bookcase to put the rest of DVDS on.. Sad I know but we LOVE our Movies
6. Finish Painting Credenza...
7. Buy Bigger TV for Credenza.. The 42 in LCD isn't cutting it anymore
8. Purchase more books!


Mrs. Chic said...

I like the look, your art wall is truning out great! I like that paint color alot

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