My Rast is It!

Lord I looked at my last publish post which was June 5th and shook my head! Have I been that busy that I
ve neglected one of the things that I love to do most? Well I guess I have! So let me bring you up to speed because I've been a BAD BAD (in a good way of course) Girl.  A few weeks ago Tam Styles posted her daughters rast dresser updo and a few inspirational pics from others and I fell in love! It was already a given that we needed to get night stands, it's just way more convenient to put you shit on your side of bed instead of passing things back and forth in the middle of a great show or climbing overtop eachother (when you don't feel like it) to get phones, ipods or whatever. Off to Ikea I went! I purchased one at a time because I wanted to make sure I loved the way it turned out before I got ahead of myself.  One coat of Poly Stain (Walnut) Two coats of White Satin Paint and Two Coats of Poly to seal the deal. Turned into this! I finished my husbands today! and i decided to go with the silver knobs because the nd rames over our bed are silver! Now to find matching silver lamps!!!

That stain stinks to high heaven but it sure is FABULOUS!


Tamstyles said...

i missed all these posts...great job homie!

Mrs. Chic said...

Wow - its turned out very nice, I lvoe the deep stain...looks perfect

Champagne Taste said...

Thanks ladies! I love love love the stain! when we build our bed we will stain it this color as well... Im just looking forward to buying our home! Im stripping up the carpet and I was Walnut floors LOL

The Scott's Crib said...

Hi Brie, Im Latoya:) Im so excited to have found your blog...if my mind isn't playing tricks on me I think I remember you from weddings by color and your wedding was fab. If my mind is playing tricks please just ignore me;) I love your Ikea Hack!! I have been considering doing one myself for sometime now. Did you encounter any problems during your re-make?

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