Yesterday my girlfriends and I got together and the highlight of our many discussions was Chris Brown's new single Dueces...Love Love Love the song and it has OFFICIALLY become the break up song for the summer...a few summers ago it was Beyonce's TO THE LEFT! No seriously, Ring Backs, Ring Tones, Twitter feeds and Facebook Status updates... DUECES! Not that breaking up is an easy thing to do... But doesn't this song just fill your lungs with a breath of fresh air and motivate you to move the hell on from uneccessary drama... Girl Chatting it up... He did this and I'm tired of that.... moments that normally would put everyone on edge waiting to pass around tissues and more wine turned into moments of histarics... I boxed his shit up and told his ass DUECES... I told him to lose my number right before I said DUECES... I changed the locks and put a post it on the door DUECES Tagged him on Twitter, Facebook, Skyped him called his cell phone and let the song play on his answering machine DUECES... I'm seriously waiting and anxiously anticipating a female spin on the song... If the ladies are chanting it now we can only imagine....



Chay Chay said...

"You'll regret the day when I find another girl...." Chris was SERIOUS with this song, and I LOVE his comeback, this is DEF the song of the summer!

spanky* said...

luv it.

i'm really digging your bliggity blog.
i'd luv to see you up on my spot. i think you might also like my etsy shop Twitterpated Pretty. i have some nice handmade things that you might like.

Tamstyles said...

babby i wanted to blog this soooo bad so i put it on my FB. I love it...love it...my ass is a bit older 32, but oh well..its my jam, and me and kids and hubby sing it..GO CHRIS!

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