I'm a Winner !!!

Today is my lucky day dolls! As you know I've been in the market for an Iphone for quite sometime! I had my heart set on the new 4g but have been advised to wait a while until the "kinks" have been worked out. Okay, No problemo... I went into Best Buy (Turned all the way off) yesterday to pick up the laptop I purchased online and decided to browse the phones while I waited for the one multi purpose line went down some. My biggest pet peeve in life is BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE.. If you don't like your job THEN GET ANOTHER ONE! UGH! I didn't even bother to ask the jerk to pull the phone out of the case so that I could buy it because he was JUST THAT RUDE. So today, I logged onto Ebay and figured I'd try my luck bidding on a 3g. I didn't want to pay a ridiculous amount of money, especially for a used or refurbished phone so I set my limit at 250.00( For me that's a good damn price for a phone, ESPECIALLY a fairly new IPHONE) Well guess what!? I WON IT for 211.50 HEY NOW! I'm super Excited! I finally am an IPHONE OWNER!


Ninjagaiden78 said...

Everybody is getting an Iphone. I may have to go on and pick up one myself.


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