Is the industry blind? Possibly

What I should do is start a damn segment called WHY THE HELL AREN'T THEY SIGNED!? Still stalking that website I mentioned yesterday and Ive finally found talent... When I'm on my creative streak working on my own musicI don't look to established artists for inspiration.... I look to artists that are trying to make it... Why? Many reasons but mainly because we tend to be ALOT more dedicated, driven and determined... The thirst and hunger pains from starving artists are very much present so alot goes into our work... This girl... you may have seen her videos on you tube or ran across her myspace page is a breath of fresh air... I went from listening to a few tracks to hear how her voice sounded one, what her lyrics were saying two and how her music was arranged... completely disecting her materials to looking at all of her videos,not fast forwarding not skipping a beat... WHY IS SHE NOT SIGNED???

On some REAL SHIT... This Video made me cry because I know EXACTLY what that feels like.
If you have some time please check her out...
her name is Sonyae Elise...
All of her lyrics are saying something and THAT is what this industry needs!



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