Shades of Red

Red Lipstick.... Let's talk about it!!!! I love my red lipstick like the next girl but realize that every shade doesn't suit me... As much as I'd Love to be a Hollywood Starlett let's face it Crimson and Fire Reds aren't my thang... Now, if only I can get the rest of my sistah's to grasp that... I can't tell you how many fair skinned chicks I see on the subway in the morning with BRIGHT RED lipstick on. My husband as EVEN said Just because you're a redbone doesn't mean red's ur color. Now, if a man notices that says somthing LOL Notice I used the word CHICKS and not WOMEN.. I say that because its always either the younger girls 18-21 and maybe a few closer to my age, but once you reach 25 and older you understand the importance of visiting your local Mac Counter to try a few out....  With a baby on the way and the holidays right around the corner I've decided that my Bi Weekly Mac splurges must calm down for a while... So I cheated... I went to my neighborhood Mac that I visit quite often and told my makeup artist I wanted to try a chic red this winter.... Of course he looked at me like I was crazy because he knows I'm all about my barbie pinks and nudes! After a few test runs resulting in stained lips and hands we found THE ONE!!!! It makes a statment that doesn't say look at this DAMN CLOWN! ULTRA CHIC! and it's Satin!!! MY FAVE!!!!! I didn't purchase it this time like I normally do! I took a sample and ventured to CVS where I found Wet n Wilds New lipstick collection!!! HAVE U SEEN IT? GIRLS!!! ITS AWESOME REALLY! Not only did I find a similar Red to Macs but they had my nudes and pinks as well...! I'm the type of gal who has to have more than one of something that I one LOVE it and two find it reasonably affordable! So not only did I purchase my red but I purchased a few others as well ;) Are you ladies daring enough to wear red lipstick? Have you tried Wet n Wild's new collection? If NOT u SHOULD!! They've really stepped their game up :)

Added these to my full grown collection!!!!


And Barbie's NEW RED LIPS were a HUGE hit at work!!!! Gotta Love Compliments!
 They Always Put a big pretty smile on my face!!!

Here are a FEW of my FAVORITE Fashionista's in their shades of red!

Rihanna.. OF COURSE



Bri@Meyouandawiener said...

I'm a chick who can rock the red lipstick, and it's not the fair skin but the black hair.

Brooke's Closet said...

Okay let me say I RESPECT the red; however you are so RIGHT to say Chica's don't do it! if it don't fit-everyThang ain't for everybody!
Yes Wet n Wild has gotten a lil Wild on me!
I remember wearing 521 to death and now the nudes and various shades of pink really rock to me!

The price is good so I get more bang for my buck!
It reminds me on NYX.

ahh love the color on U good selection.

Champagne Taste said...

Thanks Brooke!!!

@ Bri YASSS I think I've seen a pic with u in ur RED and u r GORGEOUS! Ud look good in any damn thing! The black hair sets it off! Like mine :) But I have to admit I love and effing admire a girl with milky white skin and blonde damn near white hair like Marilyn or Christina with a red lip... FABULOUS!

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