As they say... all good things must come to an end and ikea's furniture durability is no different... mu husband broke one of the drawers on his rast dresser. Grrrrrr.... Luckily I had extra nightstands that I thrfited and painted this summer lying around the house.  Those plus my new lamps.... perfection.... Don't pay attention to the unmade bed.... Laundry Day... And now toooo tuft my DIY headboard... OOOO I haven't showed you guys the master update yet... Have I? O that's a post for another day :)


Bri@Meyouandawiener said...

Loving that lamp! Damn good find!

Brooke's Closet said...

umm let us atlease get a sneak peak on the update!
how NOT fair!

love your blog.
(been on an hiaTus so i haven't been blogging or replying to peeps. hopefully im back for good and can start a new blog)

Champagne Taste said...

Thanks Dolls!!!

@Brooke Awww thanks doll makes me wanna blog more!One sneak peak after I CLEAN IT LOL

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