The Crib

So my husband calls me at work today, and our conversation went a little like this.

Him": Hey Fat Girl.
Me: “Hey”
Him: “What are you doing?”|
Me: “Expense Reports.. and apparently I have some other things to finish by tomorrow as well.
Him: Sounds Fun… LOL
Me: "” That’s not funny Derek!”
Him: “Yeah, it is”

and brief pause…. followed by:

Him: “Shit!!!! We need to start shopping for the baby”
Me: “I thought we said we were going to get all of his shopping done while we’re on vacation next week.”
Him: “yeah, his clothes… he still needs a crib,stroller, car seat…”
Me: “O damn. I’ll start looking… I’m sure we can find something nice on overstock.com or somewhere.”

See why I married him!!!!??? He’s ALWAYS ten steps ahead of the game… Now how in the world did I completely forget that the child I’m carrying has no furniture, no car seat, no stroller, nothing!!!  what so ever????

Luckily… I knew what I wanted… so finding the crib wasn’t a problem! One thing marked off the list that I’m going to make on the train ride home from work this evening….. Big Sigh of Relief!



Gulliver Crib

and now to pick out bedding…..


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