Barbie's on You tube

Show of hands.... Who watches youtube for tutorials? Make up, cooking, painting.. whatever? ME, ME, ME, ME!!! Well guess who has a youtube channel!!!! YES! Yours Truly! My long time followers know that I've done a video before attempting to fry chicken, a mess LOL Id promised to start doing more but my laptop met its match with the pavement and hasn't quite been the same since... BUY THE INSURANCE Y'ALL! I FINALLY got a new lap top with a FABULOUS HD web came.. that I'm still learning how to use but would love for my fabulous followers to check it out :) Just like my blog I'll record any and evrything to my hearts content... thrifting adventures, painting, burning food lol makeup hauls and tutorials ALL LAT! I may even take request... keep it clean ya'll imma married woman (giggles) Just kidding! Sooooooo without further or do! I present to you my first youtube video on my channel.. o wait before I do.. DISCLOSURE! if u visit my channel and it looks a little dry that's because I haven't figured it out yet lol and this video aint fancy cuz i haven't figured that out yet either lol. OK so now the moment you've all been waiting for :)


Brooke's Closet said...

Luv your hair.

And I will be at TarJay this weekend so I am hoping to see some ELF prods.
And I am hoping for the same economical price!

Gr8 vid!

Diamonds Pearls and Crazy in the world of Barbie Jones said...

THANKS BOO!!! I had JUST washed it and was letting it air dry I FREAKING LOVE THIS VIRGIN HAIR! POW

Yes make your way to Target ASAP!

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