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Hello Dolls! Today, I want to discuss weaves!!!! Yes! That's right the hair that is added to your own be it sewn in, glued, infused…  for length, volume, fabulousness... POW uh huh! I’ve been wearing hair weaves since college…now I know some women don’t openly discuss weaves… but hunnie it’s 2011.. trust me.. U r not the only diva strutting these streets with store bought hair… I mean let’s just be real. Over the years I’ve experimented with different brands and textures and became some what of an expert when it came to what a good brand of weave was and wasn’t. Now, I’ve never been a fan of obvious weaves. The more natural the better and as my money progressed so did my taste in hair. All things Remy became my best friend… I’d been hearing about Virgin Indian Remy Hair, and I’d seen women on you tube raving about it but felt that paying 2 and 300 for hair was absurd! Not realizing that I’d spent twice that in a matter of months… (I get my hair done every few weeks and once the hair gets tangled, frizzy, crispy, crunchy, fried… I’m Over it) Well… a few weeks ago I had THE WORST experience that any woman could possibly have! No seriously! I visited my local beauty supply store and purchased 2 packs of “REMI” hair and after 2 days it looked as if I spent 10.00 a pack on it rather than 50.00. DEVASTATED… WTH am I going to do??? I called my girl Lavosha Jones… Who is a Fabulous stylist and representative of Iyanna hair out Atlanta, Hysterical!  I’d finally come to the point where I wasn’t wasting ANYMORE money…. I didn’t need to blink twice to think of her because not only is she my girl… but she faithfully wears her product! and wears it well! Matter of fact, has worn it for over a year! In addition to supplying a few of our friends with their hair as well and all have said the same thing… THIS HAIR IS THE BOMB! GET IT! DEFINITELY IT IS SO WORTH IT!!! I say all of this to say LADIES.. If you wear weaves.. and it’s anything but Virgin Indian Remy STOP WASTING UR MONEY!

With any investment it is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS imperative that you do your research! You tube is a wonderful place to do so… You’ll see REAL women who wear weaves often  giving their honest reviews and opinions on different hair vendors ect.

Now, for those of you are are asking what the difference between Virgin Indian Remy hair and Indian Remi hair is I’ll school you really quick:

Virgin Indian Remy hair has NOT been process for color or texture.. which means it’s in its natural state opposed to Indian Remi hair (purchased at your local beauty supply store) that has been.  Virgin Indian Remy hair is supplied by one donor, Indian Remi hair is mass produced… Virgin Indian Remy hair has no life expectancy… It stays in mint condition as long as you take care of it… You can wear this hair for a year or longer!  Virgin Indian Remy hair also only comes in Natural Black and Black… now, you can alter the hair to your liking but I wouldn’t advise it… Once you physically alter this hair in any way shape or form it is NO LONGER virgin and you just wasted 250.00 . My opinion!

The hair that I currently am wearing is sewn in and is a natural curly texture (Wet it’s extremely curly, which means no more hauling to the car when it decides to rain and I’m stuck without an umbrella) I straightened it to achieve this look.

Maintenance- Treat this hair as you’d treat your own! and just because u are wearing a weave doesn’t mean you should neglect the hair that’s underneath. II visit the salon ever 3 weeks for upkeep and take the hair out every 6 weeks to have my hair deep conditioned, braided and reinstalled .

For those of you who may be interested in purchasing hair and need questions answered contact me and I’ll be glad to assist! In the meantime enjoy some pictures of some quite FABULOUS divas!!! Who have crossed over to GOOD HAIR SIDE!

Yours Truly

Lavosha Jones of Iyanna Hair

Ms. Akira and Yours Truly



Brooke's Closet said...

I have heard of her before and this was a gr8 post.
I am all natural and need to do somen quick!

I shall attempt to contact her/co to get a hair over!

These tight curls on my head remind me of the mommy wig. I love it but sometimes It is a PAIN to keep my hair straight...


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