a long ass list of to dos…

I vowed to not thrift for one more piece of furniture until the furniture that I already have is completed… My home consist of quite a few dressers, chairs, and a dining room table that are in need of facelifts… I haven’t gotten around to it… Y? Cuz Im a lazy bitch… LOL well I walked around the apt today and made a list of things to do… It’s rather long so I won’t go into detail… I ‘ll just share the first item on the list with you….


I picked her up last summer… yes dolls last damn summer and she’s been looking like a sad ass puppy ever since smh… I originally was going to use her as a bar cart for my balcony but that quickly changed when I saw how fabulous she was in the kitchen not to mention the storage she had to hold the microwave and hide the george forman grill, sodas and waters that take up so much counter and floor space.  I couldn’t decide to paint her so I left her as is… She’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddd though, and for 12.00 u better believe I wasn’t leaving the thrift store without her… So this week, she’ll get a transformation…

All white with Gold Handles… I can’t wait Smile

Stay tuned for the reveal!



TyshaJames said...

YES deff feeling the all white! LOL i was just about to say i think white would look good! And YES to gold handles! CAn't wait to see the transformation! and great buy!

Villa Bisono said...

Thanks for following me...sorry to take so long to come back and follow your blog. It's really beautiful and omg Congrats on your beautiful baby! God Bless you and the family.

And this is such a stunning find...I love love to find treasures like these...so hot!


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