Hey Dolls!!! Funny story before I get into this post.... Well actually two HILARIOUS stories (not really hilarious... well you'll see)

1. Soooooo last year i bought a new laptop.. Loved her... well she bounced off the balcony of my 7th floor apartment and that was the end of her... Long story lets just say alcohol and blogging on the balcony in the middle of a heated conversation with friends aint a good combination OKAY! Well I called HP thinking i could hustle them into fixing it since it still was under warranty... needless to say they weren't having it and I wasn't paying them 350.00 to get it fixed when I could go and buy a new laptop... which is what I did... and that hoe dropped last week leaving the screen partially FU!@ed talk about PISSED! SOOOOO I called the good ol computer repair folk and had them pick up both the babies.... Which is y ive been awol because I haven't had the time to sit at my desktop and blog.  MY BAD I'm hoping to have atleast one of them fixed within the next few weeks after my return back to work.

Second funny story, i mean this one is a doosie ya'll.... Soooooo Tuesday I drop my sister n law off at home after a fun filled evening with crabs, wine and the Michael Jackson dancing game on the wii... I recorded it lol no worries you'll see a bunch of grown ass half tipsy women acting a fool soon lo. NEwho come back home to see that there is NO PARKING... Now my complex is MASSIVE okay, but there is no way in HELL that all these cars belong to the residents of 2120! Y in the hell can't I park in front of my damn building? So im going off and I PROMISE i drove around atleast twice just to make sure I didn't miss one... WELL I DIDN'T. So for all intensive purposes we will say my neighborhood is very urban, i won't call it the hood because there are far worse places in the area... so yeah I was NOT parking in West bubble in my "urban" neighborhood at damn near 2 o clock in the morning to have to walk allllll the way to my controlled access building. So I parked in the handicap spot... and had planned to move it in the morning... well up until 9 o clock this evening I had completely forgotten about it until I walked outside to see the bitch was gone... GOOOONNNEEE. I looked to my left and right and sounded the alarm... NOTHING o helllll no! I was too mad to cry so instead I start breaking up shit and called the emergency hotline and WENT OFF! LOL isn't it funny how you blame the world when you're dead ass wrong lol. Well the dispatched the security officers and in the nick of time too because I was dialing s.w.a.t to locate my damn truck! Security comes and they locate the vehicle... Turns out it had been towed on Tuesday. Well shit, thanks for telling me sooooo in the AM before I hit the road to spend the weekend at the beach with my husband I'll be spending 225 dollars to get my damn vehicle.. Aint that some BULL!!!
WOOOOOSAAAAAAAAAAA... OK enough of my pyschotic rants.. now to the post.....

all thanks to THE NESTER  
I just found you and I'm so glad I did
Blogger surfing I came across this FAB DIY and thought "Barbie, why didn't you think of that?" I can't tell you how many times I've gone into the thrift store and seen a tired ass ottoman and left it behind. PLUS what girl isn't a sucker for faux fur and if you've seen my updated living room, then you know this would be PERFECT! Adding it to the very long list of things to do !

Read more about it here

Did you dolls catch Basketball Hoes I mean Wives last night?
Thank you Tami boo for checking that chick MEEKA



charlidholbrook said...

nice blog! :) I really enjoy reading.


I Goodie 2 Shoes said...

Well I'll be DaYuM!!!

Towed....ummm NO the apt complex will be paying for that eff'n tow.

How is the baby doing?

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