Why I Thrift

There's no better feeling in the world then getting a GOOD DEAL! and this dolls is why i thrift! I'll keep this short and sweet.... A mid century dresser... now a buffet... SOLID WOOD 12 bucks.... It's getting painted... and two brass lamps with lucite bases!4.99 a piece ummmmm YUM! All i need are lamp shades and I'm set. Yup this is why Barbie thrifts!!!!

Don't mind the smudges I haven't wiped her down yet...

Will you be attending the I 3> Party with me this Saturday
Just a reminder... We are meeting at the Forestville Starbucks (directly across from Forestville Mall) at 10 AM.. If you do plan on attending please RSVP to mzbarbiejones@gmail.com and be sure to check for updates on my twitter.. link to the right!



Dayka (Life +Style) said...

The lamps are sick and that dresser is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!! You're going to paint it???? Noooooooo! It is so, so beautiful, especially with the graining on the front. YOU are one lucky lady!

And thanks for your comment on my store--that mirror is just waiting for you! :)

Tonia said...

Those lamps are beautiful. For brass I normally use Bar Keepers friend but recently I've found through another blogger that loves brass as much as I do Blue Magic works wonders. You can get it from an Auto Zone or I'm sure the have it at Walmart, and I'm with Dayka I wouldn't paint that credenza I'd polish it it really good w/ some Howard feednwax and then follow up w/ Watco teak oil. It will look brand new promise.

mgem1n1 said...

Which thrift store did you get that dresser from?

mgem1n1 said...

Which thrift store did you get that dresser from?

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