This weekend Hubby and I got tatted! Most couples enjoy date nights at the movies, possibly dinner and drinks we bond by permantly defacing our bodies LOL Sorry I couldn't resist..... 

eheemmmmmmm  Yup he's mine and my lips prove it!!!!

Kisses Dolls


the sweetest girl. said...

lol i love it!

<3 jaz


JazzyO said...

Too Cute! Love it.

Dayka (Life +Style) said...


so i responded to the comment you left me a week or two ago, and that thing keeps bouncing back! i think you commented thru google reader or something, because i notice the email goes to a blackberry address. just wanted to let you know so you didn't think i was ignoring you! :)

and i think i worked out my walnut stain issue--hopefully i can post about it friday...

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