Racks on Racks on Racks

Sorry.. I couldn’t resist… sad to say that’s the only part of the song i know…  O yes… the post…. After googling… if that’s even a word which according to spell check it’s not… how to install closet shelves and rods I decided that the handy woman in my just aint ready to come out yet… I wait for NO man, which means while I’m busy being on my independent woman shit the entire diy closet building would have turned out to be a hot mess.. sorry im honest! Now for u ladies that know how to work a hammer and a miter saw.. GO HEAD GIRL.. but me… nawwwwww I’m good. I looked into the fancy Ikea closet units as well… and they’re just that… FANCY. I’m not paying 500 dollars for something I have to build from the ground up.. So I started thinking about alternative options…. now, if I can get a couple of strong men to install a few rods for me in the room then HEY NOW! If not Clothing racks work just as well :) O BTW… I’ll be taking before pics of the infamous “dressing room” tomorrow, when I visit the house for the first time to paint :) I managed to find a few pics of some very, very chic dressing rooms that have racks in the place of actual rods! U like? Opinions, Opinions!




Cupcakes and Cashmere

All images found via Yahoo search


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