Dressing Room Sneak Peak

I know I've been overloading you dolls with dressing room inspiration pics! Well... my dressing room is just about finished... with a few things hear and there.. minor things... Like... Adding the wall shelves for my shoes...  I thought Id share a few pics of the progress thus far.. and please do excuse the mess in a few shots...u know how it goes...

Like I said... u know how it goes when you change ur clothes 5 or 6 times... they always end up on the floor or in a corner chair lol

Thrifted Dresser painted by yours truly (actually needs to b repainted due to my husband dragging it down the hall when we moved... JERK!) 12.00

Thrifted Lamp

Do you dolls peep my first painting! thought id start my newest hobby off low key in the event that it was a DISASTER! I actually LOOOOVVVEEE it! Now I just need to buy a frame and some larger canvas's to really get it in with my paint brush :)

My shoes will go on this wall.. once I build the shelves... But for now these little shoe racks will do!
Peep Audrey! LOVE HER
OOOO and my vintage stand in the corner.... 6.00

My birthday was Tuesday.. I turned 25! Which is y there's a balloon floating around :)
Thanks Hubby!

 Shout out to Walmart for carrying this furry RUG that was orginally 20 dollars but since someone decided to put a red mark on it... which has since then been scrubbed out i got it for 13!

There's my FABULOUS stand again:) don't know what the previous owner did with it... Must move my mirror from infront of my pretty rock .. I sat on the floor and curled my hair the other day lol and painted my toes lol the polish has to go too

Up close and personal! still unpacking... which is y you see somethings out of place over there lol can u guess what?

Remember the leopard shirt I blogged about???? I have on that outfit today LOL

I could've hung up the clothes I tossed over the rack... but this is an honest post lol so yeahhhhh but this is my rack it usually has my go to pieces hanging from it LOL

Vintage Vouge Poster circa 1954... and a thrifted chair that was redone by yours truly... its hiding under the clothes.

 The end... And soooo far this is my favorite room in the house.. probablly because its the only one done lol well close to being done I'll do a final reveal once everythings completed... what do you dolls think?


I Goodie 2 Shoes said...

Happy Belated Bornday!

Hmmm that room looks bigger than what I imagined! Luv it thus far..

Oh I see the *ShoeGazm* over there hmmm huh on that side of the room!

Metisse said...

Yay for fluffy white rugs! awesome organizing! I need a shoe rack lol

G.lam said...

very cute room ~ Love the Audrey Hepburn poster on the wall. Classic!

Just wanted to drop by and say hi and thanks for following ;)

Our Delightful Home said...

Happy belated Birthday! Your dressing room is turning out fabulous.


Mrs. Delightful

Mrs. Chic said...

Great dresser!! & I love the lamp!

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