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Well.. A few weeks ago I did a post on some mirrored tables that i was IN LOVE with! I even added the console table to my “new home” list on Target, hoping that someone special would pick it up… ummm no luck IN FACT when i told my mom she gave me the “bitch please” look when I told her how much it was, my husband laughed and my dad just didn’t say anything lol. Now normally I would have bought it myself but ummm HELLO I am FABULOUSLY unemployed! So on to plan B! The thrift store… I’ve been itching to go for a few weeks, with the weather getting cold and all I need some fall gear! I’m going to cross my fingers and hit every thrift store that I frequent up with hopes of finding something remotely close to what I want… As most of you know, its VERY rare that you actually walk out the thrift store with what you went in there for. I have my eye on one particular entry table… that I ALWAYS see when I visit the store and at my favorite spot it’s usually about 30 dollars… Ive never picked it up because I didn’t have the need for it… How much do you want to bet that I’ll never find it again and if I do it’ll be ridiculously priced? Always happens to me smh. NEWAY! Here’s my inspiration! Let’s hope for the best shall we!



Image Via Decor Pad


Our Delightful Home said...

I love your entry way inspiration. I have been looking for an entry table for so long… Hopefully you will find a table on your first try.

~Mrs. Delightful

Tamara Styles said...

Join the GET IT GIRL unemployed network...

Cam said...

your entryway idea is gorge! good luck shopping!

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