Drinks anyone…


With Halloween right around the corner, one can’t help BUT to get excited! The decorating, the pumpkin carving, the parties OH the parties. This year I decided to have an adult party…Still trying to decide a theme… While doing my daily blog reads today blogger Monica of Monica wants it posted a FABULOUS drink recipe with some adorable cubes to keep it cool as well! I was immediately sold! In fact! I rushed out to the store to get some spiders that are currently cooling in the freezer at the moment! I thought this weekend would consist of me painting my steps and front door but I think I’d rather get drunk instead LOL Just kidding but I do want to mix up this drink and see how it tastes! I’m so adding this to the drink menu!

Aren’t these ice cubes thebomb.com?


The Patronous Spell Ingredients:

-Patron (or any cheap tequila): 1.5 oz per serving

-Pomegranate Margarita Mix: 4 oz per serving

-True Lime: a pinch/dash per serving

-Salt for garnishing, if desired

-Spider ice cubes: about 5-6 per glass



Visit her blog to read the rest of the tutorial!


ASingleMothersJourney said...

This is my kind of drink! I must try it.

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