Back to School

Happy New Year!!!! If I haven't said it already! A decade... can you believe it... 10 years ago I was an eager boy crazed freshman and today... I'm a married mother... Time FLYS when you're having fun AYE?  Crazy scary... I've always set goals for myself and like most I've strayed away from some. Sigh... I always said by the time I was 30 id be married (check) with children (check) with mad money (uncheck) living in LA (uncheck) as a successful something. Most of u know (who am I kidding noone reads my blog lol ) that I model... I always was a dreamer and I always had a backup plan... a degree in Journalism (Yup I'm going to school to be a publicist!) Only one problem! I HATE SCHOOL... The test the stress the homework... takes the thrill and excitement out of the entire experience... I would be excited the beginning of the semester and towards the end UGH.... I made a freaking career out of being a college drop out (LIKE KANYE HE HE) okay not funny to my parents who have PHDs... So I've decided that I am not going to be one of those 30 somethings still doing the same thing they were doing in their twentys... I'm GOING BACK TO SCHOOL JAN 19th! TO FINALLY FINISH!!!! AND EVEN THOUGH IT WILL B HARD... I'll JUST KEEP TELLING MYSELF IN 10 YEARS U'LL B 33....


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