I shop FREE STUFF on Craigslist! Don't you?

At work trying  so hard to not catch the train over to Michaels for lunch... this money is burning a serious hole in my pocket and New Years Resolution #2 SAVE MONEY DAMMIT!

So i decided to browse the Free Stuff on Craigslist... (Hey, Ya Never Know what ppl are giving away...) and what do you know...

I found this adorable, adorable side table..
Owner says its in need of some TLC... Not a problem babe..I'll dress her up real nice! 

Cute Right!? and I know just where to put her!

Our 4 year old is learning to play the Piano, I have no room for this... But mom's garage is very welcoming :) It's prob gone... Who wouldn't want a FREE piano that only needs tuning! Doesn't hurt to ask though!

Okay don't judge a book  by is cover darlings because you know as well as I do that a little fabric and some pillows can turn the hideous into must haves....  well it's FREE and I need a loveseat!

This looks like it has potential... I mean it is FREE

Seriously, I've seen this on a blog before... and when I saw it i drooled...
*UPDATE* It's Gone :(

Who wouldn't want some FREE Brass Candlestick holders?

O I know this is gone... and how becuase I've been looking for one for the living rooms for weeks... and I'm sure I'm not the only one (UGH!)


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