White Paint

  I love love love all things Glamarous... all things Vintage... all things White....
and what better place than to have a romantic feel then in the Master

and in other corners of the apartment of course!!!
Little by Little, Piece by Piece I've been replacing our current 90s era (Thanks Mom it served its' purpose... really!) bedroom set with furniture that I find here and there on my Good Will visits... When it's finally finished  it will be FAB!

Anyway... Searching on Esty for a vintage mirror with detail scroll like features
 (Like I know what I'm talking about...) to turn into a chalboard
I came across an O SO FAB SHOP!

ADORABLE and INSPIRATIONAL to all my Shabby Chic Lovers
Is it just me or does a fresh coat of white paint just send chills down your spine...

side note... must  purchase crystal knobs for the husbands dresser/tv stand! When I find it!

I absolutely adore this dresser... and especially the knobs!

This would be the perfect size dresser for my husbands... and the flatscreen!



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