Have you ever heard the saying... "You can take 'em out the Ghetto but you can't take the Ghetto out of 'em"? My grand used to say that ALL the time... LOL  Lord Have Mercy...  Hubby and I like to have fun... Me and the Girlfriends Go out and Cut loose... Sit at home sip wine and ACT ALL THE WAY UP *KEY WORDS* AT HOME ... But there is a TIME AND A PLACE FOR EVERYDAMN THING! We decided to head on over to Applebee's for dinner this evening... Sounded like a great idea at the time.. We ge there at 5 pm and IT WAS PACKED... "Is it happy hour?" I asked my husband... We had our son with us... I am was NOT EVEN trying to have him in that type of environment! The hostess seats us ... RIGHT NEXT TO BEBE, the girlfriends and THEIR KIDS... "Stop Biting" Don't Throw That" Sit Down" "I want my daddy"...  That's all I kept hearing from the time I sat down to the time I ordered my second Long Island Ice Tea.... (Trust me you would've needed a drink too!) I don't know whether misbehaving is contagious or not but I turned around and my son is doing backflips off the back of the booth... O, Don't Worry... I gave him that eye and he STRAIGHTENED RIGHT ON UP! Hubby Seconds! The food comes.. O THANK GOD! Sharing a few giggles with the husband about how we will NEVER come to this Applebees again the music gets cranked up... WTF? Are we at a restaurant or the club... Dude at the bar gets up and starts two stepping a few others followed suit... NOOOOOOOOOOO, O no that's not it... BeBe's Kids start to yell somebody's name across the restaurant... and instead of their mothers correcting them what do they do??? HOLD A DAMN CONVERSATION ACROSS THE ROOM WITH THE OTHER PERSON... (R U SERIOUS) NO NO NO That is not the worst part!  Poor Child SMH... I'm guessing she had to use the bathroom (Which was 2 steps away from where they were seated) or already had I don't know ... Instead of taking the baby to the bathroom SHE PULLS DOWN HER PANTS AT THE TABLE! YES! AT THE TABLE! I was APPAULED! and to add insult to injury I have to sit and listen to the sex chronicles about toys and everything else under the sun.... It was a HOT MESS...U would've had to have been there to believe it and fully appreciate this story. For a second I wanted to ask where the cameras were I  honestly thought I was being punked!  Soooo why am I Laughing My Ass Off??? Cuz GRAND! YOU WERE RIGHT! SOME PEOPLE JUST NEVER EVOLVE!


Adrianna said...

LMBO..Bebe's been cloned. There are Bebe's everywhere. Tooooo funny.

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