I love a good deal

I almost thought that my day was going to be CHOPPED N SCREWED when we got a knock on the door at 7 am this morning.... I did not want to wake up that early, but they HAD to replace the windows in our apartment... so what better way to spend the day than with a little RETAIL THERAPY... Left and Right DEALS EVERYWHERE! HELL YEAH!

This is just a sample... I have tons of bags lol

 Target's Valentines Day Decor 75% Off NOW! GET THERE ASAP!!!

First Stop... TARJAY BKA TARGET!!!
Mirrored Collections Jewlery Box 13.98
I needed one BAAAAADDD!!!

Towels 4.98 Pot Holders 1.98
Tam Styles of "Get it Girl Style" Blogged about these a month ago!!!
 Lucky me I've got mine!!!

Second Stop.. Borders!
The Ultimate Box Of Stlye Nina Garcia
1.00 (No this is not a TYPO)

Third Stop... Marshalls!
Love Letters... 4.00 V-Day Clearance

 Fin... Marshall's Saved the Best For Last!!!

Meet The Girls!!!




Tamstyles said...

girl why the pics that you have for 29 i have hidden at tj maxx...i hope they are there tomorrow when i go back.

Champagne Taste said...

hahahahahah SHUTUP! Girl yesssssssssss... LOVE THESE! I'm a hider too... If its there when i go back it was MEANT TO BE! I think someone TRIED to hide these joints they were at the bottom of a messy ass pile! Can't fool me boo I know! They shouldve put these behind a couple of the luggage bags SMH! I hope you get them... At first I was like Damn do I want to pay 30.00 a piece for these???? Couldn't resist!

Decor I Adore.... said...

I love all of your finds! Why in the world have I not been to Target this week???

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