I can't believe I went an ENTIRE WEEKEND without blogging!!!
I need a quick weekend getaway...
And when I say a quick weekend getaway I mean I literally got up in the morning threw some clothes in a bag called my best friend Akira, picked up my baby sister and drove from DC to Atlanta to visit my old stomping grounds!!!! I had a BLAST with my Family whom I haven't seen in YEARS and my Friends from the sandbox days! It's amazing to be able to say you've maintained friendships for 15 years!!!!! A BEAUTIFUL THING!!! Well guys... I'm back!!!
Did I mention I was MOVING TO ATLANTA in 2 Months!!!!
Talk about Random!
Sometimes you need a complete change of environment to motivate!!!!
Pics from the ride and the festivities to come!!! Until then Pics from our First Outing
Shout out to my homie Genarlow for looking out for us city gals VIP style...
 and sneaking sissy in the club (giggles)
Kisses Gals


Tamstyles said...

even more reason for me to go for the weekend...all my blogger friends are there.

Dreams of Perfection said...

Your life is sounding like a book I could never put down!

ashlina said...

girl you are just abssolute hottness.
great pics lady.
and you are moving to atlanta??? good for you! i hear great things...

Andrea said...

cute pics!

The Zhush said...

That just sounded like too much fun!

Tamara Nicole said...

Super cute and fun pics, looks like fun and you look FAB!

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