Well, while everyone is out enjoying this weekends weather... I will be in the house trying to avoid a nervous breakdown as I attempt to tackly my messy ass bedroom.... It has literally become a closet because my closet is full to capacity. My head hurts walking into the room so I avoid it as much as possible. SMDH I should be ashamed of myself! But I'm going to show you before pictures anyway because it definitely won't look like this after... GOODWILL Be on the look out!!! I am donating this weekend!!!. And if hubby and I have time... We well finally make our headboard! So here it goes....

My bed is burried under there somehwhere

                         So if you don't hear from me all weekend... You know WHY! Kisses Gals!


Tamstyles said...

im scared to show mine.

Champagne Taste said...

It CAN'T Look any worse than this. This is an effing mess!!!!!!!!!! A catastrophy!!!!!! I'm trying to clean it up in sections as we speak... had to take a break.. Im really only cleaning cuz I can't find my damn Ipod Touch and before I spaz out on someone Imma just clean this room first lol

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