Atlanta... You are IN TROUBLE!

Shame on me.... I've been running around Atlanta like a MAD WOMAN trying to get everything situated for the move... I flew back on Sunday Afternoon for a job interview and figured it would be easier to search for jobs while I'm here so I might as well stay :) Well Ladies... I GOT A JOB! It's something for now!!!! So my day will mainly consist of tying up all lose ends in DC and putting things into place here.. LIKE NUMBER ONE... AN APARTMENT! LOL In between Job Searching and my attempts to rest for My bestie and I found a Thrift Store That is swarming with CHEAP HIDDEN TREASURES.. and GUESS WHAT!? It's literally two minutes away from my prospective residence.... TROUBLE!!!! U DON'T KNOW HOW BAD I AM DYING TO PAINT HER FOR MY BEDROOM!!!!!

40.00 DOLLS!


ashlina said...

wanna paint and send it to me??? uh huh..ya. thanks.

you lucky girl. i want it baaaaad for 40.00. you find the greatest stuff.
have a great weekend and congrats on the job! bet your baby boy is so proud! woohoo

Tamstyles said...

can i have it...damn

Toi said...

hey i don't know how ur apartment search is going in ATL but there is a free service called PROMOVE. You tell them your preferences and what area of town you want to live in the enter it into their data base and hook you up with deals and discounts with apartments that match your criteria. I've used them several times when moving. Hope this helps you out some

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