Another Huge Thrifting Success!

The thrifting stars were aligned and today was a good damn day to be me! I had a massive migraine today and a few vacation hours to blow before the end of the year so this mommy to be opted to stay home and rest it out. I started feeling better so I thought it would be a good idea to take a ride to the thrift stores and see what kind of goodies they had today... O M G Jack Damn Pot!!!! I left up out of there with three full bags of goodies minus 30.00, hopped in my truck and made my mind up to head home..I'd seen all there was to see today.. For some reason instead i ended up at the GW... AND DOLLS!!! I'm so glad I did :) That's a post for Tom. so be sure to stop by and see why!
This weekend Barbie Jones has a date with a few cans of white spray paint.. that's right pregnant and all with my face mask on!!!!

Milk glass lovers.. Look at what I found!!! and if it was 15.00 it would have came home with me!

Picked up a few candlesticks to slap some paint on real quick :)

Exhibit A

 mmmmmmmmhmmmmmmm! FABULOUS AREN'T THEY!!!! Remodelholic did these babies
I LOVE Bowls!!! And when I say LOVE i actually mean... I'm secretly obsessed with them!!!! There are quite a few for jewlery and what not on my bedside tables... and My hubby even uses his :) This bowl is actually larger than it looks in the photo... I had to have it because I have a smaller one JUST LIKE IT!

I've learned to thrift with an OPEN MIND! I know a few ppl were giving me side eyes when I was oohing and aaahhing as I picked up Barbie's horsey and that tiger cup but what they don't know is that with some white spray paint.. hunnie a little goes a long damn way! POW
Exibit B

Leah at The Way We Are shows us just how fabulous a neglected horse at the GW can be!

Told You! Yeah. She's THE SHIT!!!

As we see here... another FABULOUS bowl, a stocking holder... and brand new christmas festive hot plate holder from create and barrel... a wooden leaf (may hold a few candles) and.. what's that??? YES HUNNIE! VINTAGE STERLING SILVER SALT AND PEPPER SHAKERS!!! DAMN! for 1.91 I cannot WAIT to get my polish out!!!!  
 O and have u guys seen those movies where the snake charmer plays the flute and the snake comes dancing out??? That's what that thing in the back reminded me of lol I grabbed it just because it was different. White Paint!!!!

A PICNIC Basket... Did I need it? uhhhhh No.. Will I use it? Probably not. Or who knows I may wanna pack a fat girl lunch to go watch my hubby play foot ball...

And last but NOT least! My Vintage Sterling Silver Mirror :) This was the most expensive goodie I picked up today... It was 6.00 and I ALMOST didn't get it! I've been wanting one for quite some time but didnt want to pay 30.00 for the cheap looking ones i've seen at numerous places... so this for me was a GREAT buy . Not only have I been wanting it... IT'S VINTAGE!!! SILVE POLISH!!! YUP SHINE BABY SHINE!

Well Dolls that's all!!! Are you itching to hit your thrift stores up today? Go ahead!!! U still have time!!! Until Manana!!! Don't forget to stop by and check out my BIG BIG Surprises tom :)

Kisses Dolls!


Brooke's Closet said...

HAWT DOGG IT!! U got yo'self some gr8 deals.
I will take that mirror!

Love the fact that you Thrift with Pride and ReCreaTe a lot of it!
Luvz it....

House of Smiths said...

Isn't it amazing what a little spray paint can DO! :)
Gotta love that stuff!
Great finds, btw. Thrifting is the best!
~Shelley Smith

BESOS LYNN said...

Score! You did great at the thrift store, WOW! I have a secret obsession with ALL things milk glass. Thanks for sharing your finds with us!!!!1

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