Bringing Home Baby Pt1

And now... The moment you've all been waiting for!!!!! It's the end of the year yes? Yes! Meaning EVERYBODY is donating something... Ummm Hello Tax Write Off!! So if you haven't cleaned your closets out now would be a good time to do so... Someone in The Greater Southeast was showing off when they were donating hunnie! I want to go to their houses and see what replaced the treasure they trashed... seriously! MID CENTURY FURNITURE EVERYWHERE! Credenzas, hutches, side tables, wing back chairs, coffee tables... and the best part is that there was so much stuff, they HAD to price it dirt damn cheap to make room for the other stuff to come in! THRIFTING HEAVEN! Let me tell u.. If we had our house and I wasn't saving my money for our Miami trip I would have bought every peice of furniture on that floor JUST BECAUSE!!! I didn't get crazy... even though I wanted to.. I did however manage to leave with the reciept to a BEAUTIFUL BUFFET to replace our hutch and a mid century armoir!!!! Dolls... 80.00 for BOTH!!! And Both are in Tip Top Shape!  Way to kick off the new year right!!!!?? MMMMMHMMMMMM My truck would only transport one at a time so today's post will be dedicated to my sexy armoir!!!! I'm off to Home Depot to purchase paint for this bad thang here!!!!! Stay Tuned for My After... and Part Two of Bringing Home Baby!

Let's Drool Shall We???!!!

and SOLID WOOD.. This thang was HEAVY!!!!!



Brooke's Closet said...

HAWT piece!
Yep Real HAWT!

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