Ipad Fab!

I've been wanting an Ipad for a long time.... I just couldn't get passed that steep ass price that goes with it. I went to my favorite place and used the technique my hubby taught me (literally wait until the last 59 seconds and bid!) and won a FABULOUS 16g Ipad!!! The price isn't much cheaper than what it would've cost me in the store but luckily the seller agreed to work with me so that I could send a couple of payments!!!! Good to see people are still in thier holiday spirit mode :) THAT probably wouldn't have flewn two months ago HEHE... I hear that the Ipad takes blogging to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!!! I'm excited about the Moodboard Pro and Photolayout Finger Design Apps... Yes I did my homeowork :) Do any of you own an Ipad? What do you LOVE about it!!! How do you use it?

Well.... our Ipad needs a case doesn't it????? I think I'll get these :)


TamStyles said...

i can show you some bad ass cases that i found. there is one that will knock your socks off..they are just slow with shipping. i bought the mood baord app, but not the second one that you mentioned.

Brooke's Closet said...

Payment plans! HipHipHooray!
Cuz QVC is the only place that lets me do that one!
I want a Nook or Kindle.
Is the IPAD better?
Enlighten me Paleeze!
Congrats on the bid win. I hustle the last 59s or so..too

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