The Finds…

My girlfriend and I spent the day shopping yesterday and had a WONDERFUL TIME! Target and Home Goods had some pretty cute things @ pretty cute prices!!! I think I’ve gotten a little too comfortable with my local thrift store because I see something in the store pick it up and end up putting it right back down because the price just aint right… Well, no I take that back… that actually might be a good thing because I’ll spend a whole lot less and save a whole lot more.  Just some quick photos I snapped from my phone of everything I was eyeing and will most definitely be on the look out for at the GW!



Exhibit A and B
The white and blue striped vase had my heart… as did the pedestal table!!! and they bother where on sale..

Exhibit C
LOVE LOVE LOVE the two finials in the front and the two vases in the back


Exhibit D
Look! a miniature David like my large bust in the living room!!! and a lady like the one that sits on my desk! (that I paid .50 BTW)


Exhibit E
I was feeling these plates… in fact… I think I may go back and get them



Exhibit F

If I hadn’t bought that candelabra the other day I swear I would’ve bought these for my dining room. SIGH


So passing all this up what did I leave the store empty handed??? OF COURSE NOT.. What did I manage to take home with me?
Hmmmm… Come back tomorrow and see!



Tonia of Chic Modern Vintage said...

Retail therapy is always good, even if you don't but one thing that you love.

Natashia said...

Yes, thrifting can really spoil a girl when it comes to prices, however I'm loving those black & white plates as well. Now I want to go shopping.

Lala said...

the dishes is so beautiful.
like it :)

xo lala


Sol Macaluso said...


if-I-were-Audrey said...

really nice stuffs :)

Orla xx said...

Love the black and white plates! xx

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Hi Barbie! Looks like your stores had some good stuff. My last trip to Home Goods was a bit disappointing. I left with all of 4 picture frames that were on clearance. I love those large white pieces ~ how great on a mantel!

Staci Edwards said...

Great finds!

Michelle said...

These are some nice looking items. Good for you for not buying everything up with the impulse buy! lol I'm still learning.

Brown Beauty Blog

Abbie said...

Im suprised you didnt leave with everything, lol.

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