Size Definitely DOES matter


They got me dolls…. I’ve been GOT! and I’M PISSED!!! So i ordered several items on Ebay this past week… Make Up Pallets, Professional Brushes.. I’m gearing up for spring :) Plus I’m like a make up whore… and one can NEVER have too much make up :)

The first package to arrive was NO package at all! It was a damn manila envelope. Okkkayyyyyyy … I didn’t know what it was, I've ordered so much that I’ve forgotten what to expect and when to expect it… So I'm thinking “What is this? and Why would they package it like this? I proceed to open the envelope and it’s contents. “Oh, its my TOO FACED Shadow Insurance” (an eye shadow base that is applied before your shadows for no creasing, longevity and vibrant colors) But hold on…. Is this a trial size??? Yo these things are SUPER SUPER SUPER small! I paid roughly around 12 bucks and some change for 4 trial size primers??? R U EFFING kidding me!? I’m contemplating whether I want to contact the seller or not… Before I did… I went back to the listing and read it thoroughly to make sure I wasn’t tripping and it did indicate the tubes were .11 oz in size. I believe that there should have been some type of indicator saying that these tubes were not regular size, ESPECIALLY for someone like me, who has NEVER purchased this product before!!! . There were plenty of other sellers that were selling the bigger primers for the same price… I just bought these because I thought I was getting a deal! UGH!!!

What do you guys think? Do you think I should sweat it or just charge it to the game?  Am I being petty?

Too Faced Shadow Insurance eye primer -anti crease 11g
So this  is the normal size, I thought I was bidding on 4 of these

and this is what I got in the mail



Brooke's Closet said...

I h8 to say this but charge it to

It almost equals to one. But dang i would have listed that it would be "trial" sizes because many are not sure about the "ounces" these prods come in!


Diamonds Pearls and Crazy in the world of Barbie Jones said...

girrrrrrllll that's what I'm saying... 4 trial size too faced primers. trial size was NO where in that listing. and yeah it just about equals to one but still lol Part of me wants to say you need to indicate that because not that many ppl r familiar with ozs and what not lol i know im not

Makeup Kitten said...

Yeah, they look pretty small, but they will last you forever as you only use a tiny bit at a time :)

Mrs. Chic said...

your not being petty, I'd be pissed too!! Selling trial size - that's a no no and they should have said something

Diamonds Pearls and Crazy in the world of Barbie Jones said...

And they def didnt Katrina LOL That's okay won't get me again LOL

@Makeup Kitten A little does seem to go a long long way :)

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