C'mon Craigslist

Okay Craigslist sellers... Two things to do to piss people like myself off...

1. Not reply to an inquirey
2. Not update your listings

Seriously, If you've sold your shit, great. happy for you! But don't NOT respond to someone who is seriously trying to purchase the item from ... A quick email (sorry its sold) doesn't hurt or or just simply update or delete your listing so that your inbox isn't being flooded about something that's no longer in your possession.

I'm looking for a smaller scale dresser/credenza to replace the credenza that's already in my living room... I've outgrown it and since my living room has been redecorated... Reveal coming soon!!! I want something else... something better !!!! I went to craigslist, which I never do! Having so much luck in the thrift stores there's no need for me to harrass a seller or wait for them to decide when they want to contact me... I found two dressers that I loved...

First up.. a 6 drawer campaign dresser... which I'm sure is gone because it's selling for 20.00
Yeah it's probablly gone... and of course this is the one I'm dying for since ive been on the hunt for one FOREVER!
image 2300971249-0

If the seller decides they just don't want to respond to me at all... then I'll be going to pick this one up!

image 2303339989-1


TamStyles said...

i so agree girl...sorry folks. they get their money and say to hell with it.

Bri@Meyouandawiener said...

Oh I hate that shit too, but you know what I like the second dresser better anyways. Campaign dressers are cool and all but everyone seems to have them now. Instead go for the one ain't nobody got.

Mrs. Chic said...

Oh either one is perfect!!

I feel you on CL -- I get so irritated when I call & email the person and still no response!

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